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Experienced entrepreneur, engineer and manager, able to anticipate market needs with a proven vision to develop, engineer and deliver products,  coupled with an understanding of the marketing and distribution channels needed to successfully bring these products to market. Extensive start-up, software development and Internet experience. A strategic thinker with both technical knowledge and business acumen with success stories in both areas. Able to lead teams, inspire work groups and execute plans.

EXPERIENCE   Consultant  

Providing business and technical assistance. Projects include

-a web site backend for a nationwide Fresh Fruit delivery service using Drupal

-Android Application for a streaming radio station

-Android Application for a news aggregation service

-a web site and phone application for Events using Java, MySQL, Drupal, iPhone and Android SDK

-a web site to manage and store documents using Alfresco and Java plugins

-a web site to gather and mine unstructured information and provide visualizations using Java and JBoss

-a web site to manage research and patent creation for next generation video processing and compression technology using PHP, Plone, Python and Postgres

-a web site centered around printing, ticketing, marketing and document creation using .NET

-a wireless sensor mesh networking company 

-a learning site including login, registration, tracking, accounting, venues and store using LAMP and SOAP



Web site providing real time traffic, cameras, road sensors, road conditions and travel information for Truckee and Lake Tahoe. Programmed using PHP, Javascript and Postgres. Building Android and iOS apps. Currently working on Flutter/Dart cross platform mobile version.


                          Project Lead/Software Development

Took over development for a Unity / Cross Platform Mobile Application to create and sell custom dresses fitted to your body. Hired 3 person team to handle Unity/3D, Website and technical fashion. Programmed in C#, PHP, Javascript and Mysql.


                          Software Development
                                State of Nevada, Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation    2017-2020

Contracted as Software Developer, coding in Java, Spring and SQL. Created custom applications in use throughout Nevada. Designed and implemented multiple apis to connect to third parties and external applications.


                          Software Development

Web applications providing for the sale and download of live concert recordings for bands such as Pearl Jam, LinkPark, Mumford and Sons. Provides seamless integration into Bands sites. Programmed in Java and .Net.


                          Software Programmer
                                Apex Computing, Inc    2009-2013

Programming to support the Public Employees' Retirement System of Nevada. Coded in Java, MsSqL, html and javascript/jquery.


                          Vice President Business and Software Development
                                SimpliFi Digital    9/2004 –6/2006

Created Business and Software Strategy for Home Theatre Media Center Peripherals Company. Focused on development of business, fund raising and channel and its implementation.  Presented to venture groups and initial customers. Initial products include a unified graphical remote control (Bluetooth) and an amplifier. Using Linux, Open Source and custom software created the AV1, a modular home entertainment product that includes pvr, cd and dvd ripping and playback capability. Used source level components including linux kernel. Modified Mythtv application, created custom serial, Bluetooth and Windows Media Center. Hands On programming in C++, .Net and Amulet Technology.


                Chief Technical Officer / Senior Software Engineer
                                Audio-Ex    5/2003 - 4/2004
Created, Managed and Implemented Technical Strategy for Audio and Web Conferencing company. Built multi-tiered high volume transaction, scalable, distributed, Java front end, XML, Web Services, Multi-media (Real and Windows), Oracle back end system.  Built  provisioning, billing, recording and playback facilitites. Programmed Voyant conferencing bridges, Dialogic and AI-logix telephony cards. Created and hired technical team, Managed all technical partner relationships including contracts, licensing and project management.  Hands On programming in Java, J2EE, C#, ASP, .NET, C++, VB 6, Oracle and SQL Server.


                                Senior Software Engineer
                                PalmSource Inc.   
8/2002 – 2/2003
Owner of the Flash Kit and tool, used by licensees and customers to upgrade the Operating System on Palm-Poweredâ devices. Programmed in Visual C++ and Palm OS Tools. Developed market information and market requirements for next generation of flash enterprise product and kit. Redesigned tool for next generation of Palm ARM OS (6.0) with a focus on compatibility for previous OS versions. New Flash tool was designed to be device centric, easily integrated into licensees tools (such as telephony applications), expandable for all flash parts, a tool for support engineers and to allow enterprise customers to manage the devices and upgrades. Supported licensees of PalmSource including Palm SG, Acer, Sony, and Legend.

Vice President Business Development
                                Buena Vista Software    
10/2001 - 7/2002

Developed the business strategy for a startup Enterprise IT infrastructure management company. Focus on defining markets, developing and keeping current competitive matrix and presenting to venture capitalists and initial corporate customers.


                                Vice President Business Development
                                 iM Networks (Sonicbox)
3/1998 – 4/2001

Developed the business strategy that guided iM Radio as an ingredient component for consumer electronics, hardware and software manufacturers. Managed strategic partnerships, created and refined business model, which included a mix of licensing, royalties, engineering and back-end revenue.

Built business development team, with responsibility for OEM strategy including account/channel identification, management, development and licensing and IP strategy. Created relationships and closed deals with consumer electronics companies, broadband providers, portal’s, hardware, software, internet companies and radio stations/broadcasters, including Philips, Sprint, Acer, Creative Labs, Intervideo, Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, Thomson, SBC, Verizon, Microsoft, Real Networks, Excite@Home.

Presented iM Networks business strategy to venture capitalists and corporate customers. Also participated on industry panels, speaking about internet appliances, streaming media, internet radio and music issues. Developed positioning and executed with the team at trades shows, industry conferences and alliance exhibits such as CES with Philips and Acer.

Internally developed and articulated strategic opportunities to executive and business development team. Developed and wrote business proposals, term sheets and managed deal flow for the company. Negotiated Contracts, created processes that improved lead generation and closing, as well as tracking for business development team. Provided communication to technical team regarding product features and benefits from corporate contacts. Created and managed customer support organization.

                                StreamQuest Technology
3/98 - 12/99
                                Sold to iM Networks (Sonicbox, Inc.)

Envisioned concept to allow OEM’s to build easy-to-use affordable consumer products that would include internet radio. The concept was designed for people to get the personalized content they want, when and where they want it. Created business plan, strategy, raised initial capital, filed trademarks, first internet radio patents, designed and created technology (including software, web-site, hardware prototypes and internet hardware portal). Assembled a technology and marketing team. Sold company including IP, trademarks and patents to Sonicbox, Inc. now operating as iM Networks.

Senior Software Engineer
                               Claris Corporation 7/95-3/98

Newly formed team, to design and create BizMaker, a one to one marketing product for small businesses based on Don Peppers and Martha Rogers’ book. Lead designer and implementor for integration of data between BizMaker and existing commercial products. Received patent for work in this area. Designed and coded cross-platform C++ object oriented program, including SQL server. Joined Emailer (Email product) team to port Claris Emailer to Windows, instrumental in features and release of Emailer for Macintosh 2.0v3.

Senior Software Engineer
                                General Parametrics Corporation

Created Windows / Macintosh Utilities and wrote embedded software for the printer division which designs and manufactures color thermal wax and dye-sublimation printer products. Tasks included Managing Fonts, Hardware, Postscript, PhotoShop plug-ins as well as embedded systems programming for 960 RISC including Xinu, file system, print spooler, IDE driver, color matching technology, render dictionaries and profiles.

Software engineering for the Multimedia group which designs software and hardware for the business presentation market. Wrote code to Control VCR, play digital sounds, customize Windows printer driver. Created DLL to convert between Metafile commands and NAPLPS, convert graphics formats. Created MPEG cut editing application, Programmed in C, C++ and Postscript Level 2.

                                  CONNECT Inc.

CONNECT Inc. was the precursor to AOL. It was the first worldwide information-sharing product with a cross-platform graphical user interface. It provided global communications solutions including e-mail, forums, bulletin boards, billing and gateways. The customer uses Macintosh / Windows GUI to communicate to mainframes using X.25 packet switched dial-up networks.

                                        Director of Development, Senior Macintosh Engineer

Oversaw development for client software; and on-line, batch and billing systems for mainframes. Built and managed team of programmers and testers. Designed, created and brought to market original and enhanced versions of CONNECT (MacNet) Managed creation of Windows and Macintosh products, TCP/IP stock server feed, gateways, mainframe diagnostic tools and modifications to service and billing applications. Includes first Internet Email gateway, logical structures, transactions and functions for the CONNECT system. Created Client API and technical program to allow developers to integrate their applications with the CONNECT system.
                                    Senior Technical Sales Engineer

Presented to Customers on joint sales calls with VP of sales, Provided project and post sales support. Integrated CONNECT technology into customer applications. Created statistical analysis and identification of user base to better serve customers who included Knight Ridder, AlphaGraphics, Presslink, Domino’s, Blue Cross and EDS.

Freelance Consultant

Provided independent programming, consulting and training services. Co-developed windowed authoring system for Apple // and IBM, animation programs. Interactive kiosk, tutorials, job costing, financial systems, data tracking, check cashing system. Created multi-user database systems. Clients include Bridge School, Crystal Bay Casino, Apple Computer, Safeway, and Wells Fargo Bank.

Founder & CEO
Tahoe-Truckee Community Network (TTCN), 1994-1998

The driving force to create TTCN, a non-profit organization that used an electronic bulletin board system linking the entire Tahoe region. It provided government information, access to officials, community interaction and schedule of events. Applied for and received grants, fund raising.

5,966,717 Methods for importing data between database management programs

6,769,028 Method and apparatus for sharing streaming links

6,823,225 Apparatus for distributing and playing audio information


The FW-i1000 Internet Audio Mini Hi-Fi System is the very latest internet-connected innovation from Philips. iM Radio provides the Internet Radio Capabilities and is the embodiment of the ideas, trademarks and patents of StreamQuest.

The iM Networks iM Remote Tuner is the first product to market that enables consumers to remotely control and listen to Internet radio from any stereo in the home. Won Popular Science award for Best of What’s New.


1979 BS Actuarial Mathematics and Economics with a minor in Russian Studies from the University of Michigan.  
1991 C++, Object Oriented Programming graduate level courses University of Reno.
Familiarity with German, Russian and Hebrew. Licensed Private Pilot.


Course Worker 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, 2017 PyeongChang World Cup, 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics